French blonde is the hair colour that already has us dreaming of summer

Written by Lucy Partington

Freelance beauty editor Lucy Partington is obsessed with all things skincare, collecting eyeshadow palettes that she’ll probably never use, and is constantly on the hunt for the ultimate glowy foundation.

If you want to make like a chic Parisian, consider French blonde to be your hair colour of choice this year. 

It’s safe to say that 2023 has started off with a bang – especially where hair trends are concerned. We’ve already been inspired by the box bob (which, for the uninitiated, is a chop that creates the illusion of thicker hair) and, on the colour front, candlelit brunette (think warm, sunkissed brunette tones) is set to be massive this year.

But if you’re somebody who prefers lighter hair, or is tempted to go blonde, may we introduce you to the colour of the season: French blonde.

Just as chic as it sounds, consider it to be a customisable shade of blonde that’s designed to suit you. “French blonde is about adapting the colour to your skin tone,” says Harriet Muldoon, colourist at Larry King Hair. “It’s a classic fine stitch with a golden beige tone – meaning you can’t see where the blonde begins. When I’m doing it, I always tend to leave out the ends of the hair, which means you end up with a natural lift.”

When you’re talking to your colourist about creating French blonde, Muldoon says you should ask for a set of classic highlights with a smudge for a natural blend, and then she suggests a top-up every three months or so. But you can prolong the colour with a good shampoo and conditioner. “I recommend Larry King’s Good Life Shampoo, £40 and Olaplex No3 Hair Protector, £23, every two weeks,” she says.

If you’re looking for some hair colour inspiration, we’ve got you covered…

  • Warm French blonde

  • French blonde bob

  • Golden French blonde

  • Warm French blonde

  • Long French blonde

  • Dirty French blonde

  • Vanilla French blonde

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