I Love This Vacuum Brand's New Hair Dryer — and No, It's Not Dyson's

Styling my own hair has never been my strong suit. I can run a flat iron through my hair and twist a few strands around a curling wand, but that's the extent of my skills. So last month, when home brand Shark launched its first hair dryer complete with easy-to-use styling attachments and offered me a test run, I knew I had to give it a try.

The Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer combines high-velocity heated air with negatively charged ionized air that repels water to dry your hair super quickly, prevent heat damage, and control frizz. It has intelligent heat and air flow controls that optimize the settings for you, so if you're like me and never know how hot your tools should be, this smart technology takes out the guesswork. 

But what really sets the Shark hair dryer apart from other ones I've tried are the IQ Stylers (a.k.a. the styling attachments). My go-to attachment is the IQ Styling Brush, which lets me dry, straighten, and volumize my hair in five minutes. It has both hard and soft bristles, and the brush moves around 360 degrees, so you can easily get to the back of your head. As someone who can never seem to figure out the blow dryer-round brush combo, this has completely changed how I think about hairstyling. 

Shop now: $200 (Originally $230); amazon.com

Other attachment options include a concentrator for more of a classic blowout and a curl-defining diffuser to quickly dry your hair without sacrificing shape or volume. Amazon currently sells the hair dryer in three different attachment bundles — the concentrator and styling brush, the concentrator and diffuser, and a package with all three options. The bundles start at $200 and go up to $250, so regardless of which option you choose, you'll still be paying half of what a Dyson hair dryer costs for an extremely high-quality model. 

Take it from a hair-styling amatuer: The Shark blow dryer and its attachments make it so easy to dry and style your hair. If I've convinced you that you need the Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer, be sure to grab it at Amazon now before more people find out about it. 

Shop now: $230; amazon.com

Shop now: $250; amazon.com

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