Jennifer Garner Says This Serum Has Changed Her Hair "More Than Anything Else, Ever"

Jennifer Garner posted a video on Instagram that (if you can get past a rather cringey song and dance number) reveals a possibly transformative hair care ingredient: Alpha Keratin 60ku. Admittedly, Jen could shout out a paper bag and we'd all rush to buy it, but when it comes to The Perfect Ending Split End Serum, she — a celebrity partner for the brand — makes a good case.

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"In case you're asking — Alpha Keratin 60ku is the patented ingredient found in Virtue's next level hair line. Yes, it has changed my hair more than anything else, ever," she captioned beside birthday wishes for Virtue founder and bestie, Adir Abergel. 

For those of us who aren't award-winning actresses or celebrity stylists, the hard-working proteins found in this serum repair breakage by weaving strands of the hair's natural keratin back together, according to Virtue. "Alpha Keratin 60ku is like a GPS system where it goes directly where the damage is and gives you the best hair you could possibly have," explains Abergel. Better still, a study conducted by the brand shows a 67 percent reduction is frizz, 138 percent increase in color vibrancy, and 95 percent reparation of split ends after just five uses. 

What's more, a smoothing combination of nutrient-rich pea protein and baobab leave a sleek, silky texture…and even customers with damaged hair say this formula works freakishly fast. 

"Straw into gold," one user began. "My hair is very damaged. I have struggled to find the balance between clarifying and moisturizing for my hair. This serum worked in just a few uses. You could see and feel the improvement. My hair, normally curly, was straight, damaged and split at the ends. After no more than three uses, my ends no longer felt like straw." 

"I've used many products that promised results, but this one actually worked and at a fraction of the cost of many other products. I will continue to use and search for items of the same make in [the] hope that I can get the same results," added another happy shopper. 

Need another reason to add this split end repair serum to your cart? It's currently on sale with a coupon at checkout. Just don't blame us if you end up buying multiple. 

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