My Skin Is Smoother and Softer After Using This $16 Body Wash

Waxing, shaving, epilating, and lasering galore — I’m all too familiar with the body-hair-removal process. As a result, I’m prone to ingrown hairs, accidental cuts from shaving, body acne, bumpy texture, and overall roughness. Full-body exfoliation is a necessity to maintain smoother and softer skin with a radiant, even-toned appearance. I incorporate exfoliation tactics throughout my body-care routine, from dry brushing to using loofas and exfoliation gloves. But I knew I needed something more. When Naturium, one of my favorite skin-care brands, came out with a whole line of body-care products, I was beyond excited to try them out. With my concerns, I opted to try out Naturium’s The Smoother Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Body Wash ($16).

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