Of All the Products in My Makeup Bag, These Are the 10 I'll Never Travel Without

Of All the Products in My Makeup Bag, These Are the 10 I’ll Never Travel Without

When I travel, I like my makeup bag to be packed and prepared with everything I could possibly need. I don’t like to think of myself as an overpacker, but there have been a few too many instances when traveling where someone needs something that’s not readily available, and I like to think that I have it all in my bag. Whether you’re taking a quick weekend getaway out of the city, or traveling the globe, there are a few beauty tools that are absolute nonnegotiables.

For all the creams, powders, and products I have in my makeup bag, when I’m traveling, the two things I always need without fail are tweezers and nail clippers. Someone, at some point during a trip, will need to use a beauty tool, and I’m all about being prepared. If you don’t want to go without, now you don’t have to. These are the 10 travel beauty tools that should be permanent fixtures in your carry-on bag.

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