Say Hello To Disney’s New Animated Film, ‘Encanto's’, Brand New Makeup Collection

It’s not every day that Disney collaborates with a small business to create a beauty collection. However, that’s exactly what the famed film company did to promote its latest animated film, Encanto —a story of family, self-love, adventure, and lots of magic—which was released November 24th. 

“It was still very much in development when we got the request from Disney in September of 2020 that they wanted us to create an exclusive makeup collection,” Gaby Trujillo, the CEO of Alamar Cosmetics, tells us about her magnificent collaboration with Disney. “This is the first time that they dove into working with an independent brand, so we knew that we could not disappoint.”

The Latinx-owned beauty brand worked its magic and exceeded its overall goal to take beauty enthusiasts on a wondrous journey to discover Colombia’s beauty, where the movie is based. Disney’s Encanto Colección by Alamar Cosmetics is filled with radiant colors that not only capture the essence of Columbia but also bring the film to life. “When you look at our products alongside images of the movie, you see that we literally picked colors from the movie.”

Below, discover the highlights of the 13-piece collection that marks Alamar Cosmetics’ biggest collaboration. We find it hard to resist!

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