The Crew from Fox Soul's 'The Mix' Share How They Keep Their Mind, Body, and Soul Satisfied

While life can deliver its ups and down, it’s important to take care of your well-being. Whether it’s heading to the spa or taking an hour to calm your mind at home, peace is what you need to stay healthy. The discussion of mind, body, and soul got serious at the Essence Festival of Culture 2021 as TV Personality, Jazz Anderson, led the online chat with her Fox Soul co-hosts, Jamie Dubose, Anton Peeples, Romeo Miller, and Zonnique Pullins as they openly shared with viewers their self-care rituals that help to keep their lives intact — particularly, keeping a radiant smile.

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“When you are a new mom, you are giving a lot of time to your new baby, and trying to fit in other little things, I like to take a little time to myself whether it’s taking a long shower, deep washing my face or deep conditioning my hair,” Pullins shares. “That would be my self-care ritual.”

However, Dubose shares that she has been going to the gym more in order to work on her self-care. “I find going to the gym so therapeutic,” she explains. “Like lifting weights helps you get rid of all that negative energy.”

Miller let us know that it is his spirit that he feels must be in line. “A lot of us take care of our outer body, but if your spirit isn’t in shape, then you can’t really do anything, so prayer is a big key for me,” he says. “I think I pray at least three times a day. Prayer gives me that extra boost.” Finally, Anderson posed the tough question, “What are some ways that a person’s smile can impact their self-confidence for either the better or the worse?”

“When you see somebody smile, it’s contagious. That’s why it’s so important to take care of them teeth,” Romeo informs viewers. “Go get that Crest and make sure you have that perfect white smile because, at the end of the day, it can make somebody’s day.”

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