The One Yoga Pose You Can Do Each Day To Relieve Stress While Staying At Home

Staying inside during these tough & trying times can be tough but luckily, health & wellness expert, Matthew Mileo, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the one yoga move you can do at home every day that will relax your mind & de-stress you!

Trying to stay active and motivated while working from home can be seriously tough, not to mention, all of the added stress that comes with being nervous about the coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep your body moving and the blood flowing, Matthew Mileo, health, and wellness expert, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the one yoga move you can do a few times a day, every day, in the comfort of your own home.

“I love yoga and practice it 6 times a week —  for the past 20 years!” Matthew admits. “Yoga is mostly a solo practice which makes it ideal to do right now, but there are some varieties to spice things up while you’re working from home. I’m going to take you through an easy to do headstand that requires little effort.”

“Headstands are an inversion pose which rebalances the body’s circulation, boosts the immune system and stimulates lymphatic drainage.”

To do the exercise, follow the four steps below:

1. “Grab two identical chairs or 6 yoga blocks. Put each chair or 3 blocks shoulder-width distance apart from each other on the floor against a clear wall or closed door.

2. “Dive your head in the space between the chairs or blocks, and allow the shoulders to rest on the chair’s seat or the smooth surface of the blocks.

3. Have the crown of the head facing the floor (walk your feet towards the door until you’re looking upside down at the wall behind you).

4. “Then lift one leg up on the wall followed by the other.”

“This inverted headstand pose also loosens neck and upper shoulder tension that can develop from sitting at your computer all day. In fact, there’s a yoga tool that mimics this exact same pose that retails for $200. I’d do this twice to three times a day for a few minutes each to offset any imbalances of doing so.”

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