These Drugstore Eyelash Extensions Go on Like Mascara — and Completely Eliminate Falsie Mishaps

A few years back, I met with a beauty brand founder who presented me with a small, sturdy black metal briefcase. It felt very James Bond, and inside was an invention that could best any tranquilizer pen: The Lashify system, a brand-new way of applying false eyelashes that was easy, fast, comfortable, and long-lasting. You sweep on the mascara-esque bonding step, apply the lashes, and set it with a topcoat. Voilà, lash extensions without the damage.   

In the time since, Lashify has become a red carpet go-to for celebrities like Issa Rae, Renée Zellweger, Eiza González, and Lily Aldridge — and one drugstore brand has launched its own version of the $145 technology. And at $7, the Kiss Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Bond and Seal and its coordinating wispy lash extensions have unsurprisingly skyrocketed to the top of Amazon's false eyelash charts, with the raves to match. 

"I love, love, love these lashes! They are so easy to apply and they look long, luscious, and like they are naturally yours," writes one shopper of the system. They go on to mention that even as a licensed cosmetologist, they run into trouble placing classic false eyelashes — but with the Falscara in hand, "perfect," thick, long lashes are seconds away. 

Shop now: $7 (Originally $9);

As the name implies, the double-ended Falscara is a next-generation lash adhesive that goes on like mascara. Apply the biotin-infused bonding glue to your lashes (it makes the falsies stick like Velcro, yet doesn't gloop up your lashes), then take your pick from Kiss's lashes or any you have on hand, and scoot them up against the underside of your lash line. We're bucking traditional false eyelash convention here, but the method makes for a surreally natural effect. Top it with a sweep of the sealing wand, and your lashes are set for days.

"I had just put my lashes on using the Kiss Falscara Lash adhesive system when I ended up having a medical emergency," writes a reviewer. "The lashes not only stayed on through all my tears of pain and [an] oxygen tube for three days in the hospital, but I also received a ton of compliments from all the nurses. By the end of day three, I was finally allowed to take a real shower in the hospital and decided to remove them. They came off easily with a gentle tug, and all my own natural lashes were still intact."

Others echo the ease of use, writing, "Best stuff ever. It makes applying lashes so easy, and they stay for days. I can do my entire set in five minutes, and they stay put for about five days." More highlight that the Bond and Seal, in particular, is a major step up from traditional lash glue since falsies "seamlessly" adhere without forcing you to go minutes without blinking (or battle against a lash strip that refuses to stick). For the dismount, either micellar water or Kiss's Falscara remover does the trick.    

"This is the best product. I almost hate to tell anyone how great [it is], because I want it all for myself," writes a last fan. "But I love telling people about it, just because it really is fantastic. I used to get extensions — and paid out the nose for them — but loved them. Then Covid came around and I had to give them up, and someone told me about this product. It literally changed my life and saved my wallet. You will not regret it." 

Intrigued? Try Kiss's Falscara Bond and Seal and Featherlight Synthetic lashes for yourself. 

Shop now: $9;

Shop now: $5 (Originally $6);

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