We Don't Know What's Better: Our Editors' First Big Beauty Buys or the Stories Behind Them

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Everyone has their share of memorable purchases that stick out in their minds — maybe it’s a first car, or a new phone, or a luxury bag. As beauty editors, we get sentimental over our first big beauty splurge. Most of us can remember the first time we wandered into Sephora as if it were yesterday. Overwhelmed by the options, yet excited about the possibilities we walked up and down the aisles, wad of crumbled cash in hand, until we settled on the product we just couldn’t leave without.

Long before we were acquiring products for work, we were spending far too much of our meager allowances on makeup and skin care that we saw on YouTube, Tumblr, and infomercials (remember those?). Whether it was a face mask that we had to talk ourselves into shelling out top dollar for or a spur of the moment lip gloss find that we treated ourselves to before we had a chance to think better of it, we remember our introductory high-end beauty buys fondly — and most importantly, with zero regrets. Keep scrolling to see what those products were in case you, too, can relate.

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