Throat infection left my son, 10, ‘possessed’, laughing manically and holding a knife to his throat – The Sun

HOLDING a knife to his throat and laughing manically – Alison Maclaine was terrified at what was happening to her little boy. The psychiatrist, 44, from Dumfries, Scotland, had seen her ten-year-old son Jack go from a sociable, loving boy to a "possessed" child with distressing outbursts overnight. And Jack had began to develop bizarre phobias, including a terror of […]

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Friends Fans! This Monica Geller Turkey Mask Makes the Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Could this Halloween costume be any funnier? On the heels of Friends’ 25th Anniversary pandemonium, the sitcom’s iconic Thanksgiving turkey scene is now a Halloween costume, available on for $38.99. As fans will remember, Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) goes as far as shoving an uncooked turkey on her head to cheer up then-boyfriend Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) after unintentionally causing him […]

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The Queen subtly ‘shoved’ Michael Sheen away after he received his OBE as it was her way of showing him ‘it’s time to go’ – The Sun

SOMETIMES we really do feel for The Queen – after all, she spends an enormous amount of time travelling up and down the country shaking hands with people she doesn't know who are in total awe of her. However, Michael Sheen has revealed that Her Majesty has a genius tactic for letting people know when their interaction has run its […]

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