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The Pearly Kings and Queens of London descend on the city

The Pearly Kings and Queens of London! Capital’s famous fundraisers descend on city in their glittering buttoned outfits to mark annual Harvest Festival celebrations The sparkly tradition began more than a century ago as a way to raise money  The famous fundraisers of the Pearly Kings and Queens society descended on London today in their glittering buttoned outfits to mark their annual Harvest […]

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YouTube CEO defends decision to demonetize Russell Brand's channel

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan defends decision to demonetize Russell Brand’s channel amid sexual assault allegations as it ‘could be damaging to the broader creator ecosystem’ Brand is estimated to earn more than $1.2 million a year from advertising revenue on his YouTube videos   Mohan said the decision was made in the wake of ‘serious’ allegations  He vowed to uphold the […]

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Justin Trudeau surveilled Indian diplomats, official says

Justin Trudeau accused India of assassinating Sikh leader outside temple in Canada after surveilling Indian diplomats, with allegation sparking huge diplomatic rift Trudeau’s claim is based on surveillance of Indian diplomats in Canda At least some of the intelligence was provided by a ‘Five Eyes’ ally Canada accuses India of assassinating a Sikh activist on Canadian soil  Canadian Prime Minister […]

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Portugal president in sexism row over cleavage comment

Portugal president is accused of sexism after pointing out a woman’s cleavage was on show and saying she was ‘prettier than her mother’ Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa made the comments while on a walkabout in Toronto Portugal’s president has been accused of sexism after he said a young woman was prettier than her mother and pointed to her cleavage, saying […]

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Is this the world's worst playground?

Is this the world’s worst playground? New-build housing development where homes sell for £600,000 comes under fire over children’s play area – made from a pile of logs Have you seen a dodgy playground? Email [email protected]   A highly-anticipated play area on a new-build estate where houses sell for £600,000, has come under fire by furious residents who mocked the structure […]

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Emmanuel Macron toasts Charles at meeting 'despite Brexit'

Don’t mention the B word! Emmanuel Macron toasts Charles with hopes for France and Britain working together in the future ‘despite Brexit’ – a day after meeting Keir Starmer in bid to drag UK back into EU’s clutches Charles and Camilla were guests of honour at a dinner hosted by Macron tonight During Prince Charles’s Paris visit, Emmanuel Macron toasted […]

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