10 Of The Most Expensive Penthouses In The World

While most of us are struggling to pay rent, the super-rich are browsing the hottest real estate to accommodate their lavish lifestyles. Penthouses are popping up worldwide and are becoming even more unique and diverse to appeal to the other half’s tastes.

This list will explore the penthouses dotted all over the world that have an insane price tag. From a revamped NYC landmark to a rooftop water slide, penthouses are more than just a sacred place to wind down after a busy day. They let residents watch over the world from the heavens and have a view we can only imagine.

This list has properties from Monte Carlo to London to Hong Kong. Here are the 10 most expensive penthouses in the world.

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10 One Thousand Museum, Miami – $49 million

Designed by the late and great architect, Zaha Hadid, this penthouse wins on aesthetics alone. The building has a unique curved and futuristic design which lets every unit enjoy sunrise and sunset views. The One Thousand Museum sits in the heart of Miami, a hotspot for contemporary art, nightlife, and dreamy beaches. There are two stories dedicated to amenities, including spa facilities, a private helipad and a sunbathing terrace overlooking the iconic Miami skyline.

And that’s not even the penthouse.

This $49 million abode sits 60 stories in the sky and offers a sweeping view of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, all customized with “building scenting” designed by olfactory consultants.

9 Woolworth Tower Residence, New York – $110 million

The beautiful thing about this sky-high property is its style. The Woolworth Tower Residence was converted from a 1913 neo-Gothic design but, luckily, hasn’t lost its Gothic edge. Back then, the Woolworth Tower was the world’s tallest building and has become an instant icon of architectural achievement worldwide.

Fast-forward to the present and the top thirty floors are condos. But at the top is the five-story Pinnacle Penthouse with its own private conservatory, worth $110 million.

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The penthouse is considered to be one of the most expensive downtown listings at $11,700 per square foot. It comes with luxurious amenities including a spa and sauna, a restored basement pool, fitness studio and wine cellar. Each residence has its own 185-bottle wine locker, which is a major win for wine aficionados. Cheers!

8 Odeon Penthouse, Monte Carlo – $335 million

Sapphire waters, a yacht-studded harbor and home to the renowned Grand Prix? You guessed it. It’s Monte Carlo! As if this upscale city couldn’t become any more luxurious, their Odeon Penthouse takes the cake. Sitting on the Mediterranean coastline is a five-story penthouse that is truly opulent. Here, you’re given a 360-degree view of the Med as you slide down the balcony’s water slide into an infinity pool on the lower rooftop. Yes, you read that right: water slide.

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The $335 million penthouse includes 38,000 square feet of living space with a marble-covered kitchen at every level. The home also comes with a private chauffeur, a caterer, a 24-hour concierge service and access to a health club. To emphasize how crazy this place is: a parking space (per year) costs 250,000 euros. That’s 50% more than the average American home!

7 . OPUS, Hong Kong – $66 million

In 2015, the OPUS was the most expensive apartment to sell in Asia at $66 million. Blending into the natural scenery, OPUS has an elegant design. Glass covers most of its exterior so residents can enjoy light interiors and an uninterrupted view.

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The penthouse, or “Presidential Unit”, is complete with four en-suite bathrooms, a study, two parking spaces, and a powder room. Residents can enjoy the rooftop with the jacuzzi and swimming pool. After all, there’s no better way to drink in Hong Kong’s glittery skyline.

6 Tower ONE, Dubai – $74.5 million

Tower ONE sits in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah, arguably the most beautiful area of Dubai. If you’re lucky enough to own this $74.5 million penthouse, you’re spoiled with 40,000 square feet and eight bedrooms. And, if that’s not enough, 12 parking spaces are yours for the taking.

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There aren’t many penthouses complete with your own private temple which makes Tower ONE even more unique. Avoid the crowds and connect with God in your own, ornate space. And the views? Prepare to be astounded by the Persian Gulf and the golden Dubai skyline from your living room.

5 Wallich Residence, Singapore – $79.65 million

The $79.65 million home sits atop a 64-story building. Residents can spend dusk enjoying the pool, cabana, entertainment area, and jacuzzi before the panoramic views of CBD, Marina Bay, and Sentosa.

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Dubbed “the highest residence in Singapore”, the extravagant unit has a dedicated lift to whizz you between floors. The penthouse is impeccably designed. Residents will have a super-sized living room, dining area and even a James Bond-style “secret den” where the entrance is concealed by a rotating cabinet.

4 Sierra Towers, Los Angeles – $58 million

The Sierra Towers were constructed in the 60s and quickly became a celebrity hotspot. A few of its former residents are Cher, Elton John, Sandra Bullock, and Lindsay Lohan.

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Since then, it’s made the Top 10 Most Expensive LA listings as it’s worth $58 million. Residents have access to 7,000 square feet of living space and 4,000 square feet of terrace and balcony space offering incredible views of LA. The amenities include a swimming pool, a fitness center and valet parking for residents.

3 One Madison, New York – $50 million

This slim 60-story tower sits on East 23rd Street in Manhattan and has already been home to several famous residents, including Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady, and Rupert Murdoch. One Madison has 53 units complete with an indoor pool and a 24/7 butler service. This lavish triplex penthouse could be yours at $50 million.

2 One Hyde Park, London – $225 million

Welcome to London’s most exclusive penthouse. At $225 million, you’ll find a 21-meter pool, a cinema, a library and two wine cellars to enjoy. The penthouse has balconies overlooking Hyde Park and Harrods department store and security is no issue as it’s guarded 24/7 by SAS-trained guards.

1 City Spire Penthouse, New York – $100 million

This penthouse is more than a home, it’s a piece of art. This 8,000 square foot penthouse is worth $100 million and sits on West 56th Street. The circular configuration of the penthouse offers dramatic 360-degree views of New York City from every room.

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