A Place in the Suns Lee Juggurnauth replaced by co-star when trying to get role

A Place In The Sun: Couple get 'no vibes' from property

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Lee Juggurnauth, 34, has been on A Place in the Sun since 2021, joining the likes of Jasmine Harman, Laura Hamilton, Jonnie Irwin and Jean Johansson. Lee revealed to Express.co.uk that he previously applied for A Place in the Sun around three years ago but lost out to his now co-star.

It was a three-year process.

Lee Juggurnauth

He said: “A Place in the Sun was something that came in, I suppose at the right time.

“I actually auditioned for the show going on three years ago now, maybe even a bit longer.

“I got quite far I think but it was between me and Jean and I think she got. Well she did,” Lee laughed.

Lee revealed that the producers of the show did keep him in mind however, as he was contacted later on to go on the show.

He continued: “You know they kept me in mind and then 18 months later I got it.

“My mum always said that what’s meant to you won’t pass you and obviously at the time I was massively disappointed that I didn’t get it.

“But you kind of put a step forward and you just kind of move on doing other things at the same time.

“Then two years later they called me and they said, you know, we haven’t stopped thinking about you. Would you like to join the team? And I was like yes!

“Only took you two years to figure that out, didn’t it!

“So yeah, that’s how it really came about. But initially about three years ago I auditioned so essentially it was a three-year process.”

Jean also used to work with fellow presenter Leah Charles King on Disney Channel before making a move to daytime television.

Lee’s new episode of A Place in the Sun aired on Wednesday with the presenter being very shocked when the househunters did not like the properties he chose.

The property expert was hoping to help house hunters Robert and Thomas find their dream holiday home.

Armed with a budget of £83,000, Lee found several Spanish properties for the couple to view.

Lee got things off to a steady start, managing to impress the couple with the first property.

However, Robert and Thomas soon found fault with the second property they visited when they insisted the second bedroom was too small.

When they arrived at the third property, Lee assured the couple it had bigger bedrooms and hoped it would be the perfect fit for them.

However, despite the property having slightly bigger bedrooms, the house hunters weren’t impressed.

The couple explained they thought the rooftop solarium needed too much work and they weren’t keen on the lounge area.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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