Aaron Rodgers Takes Shot At Travis Kelce, 'Mr. Pfizer'

Shots fired.

Aaron Rodgers took a playful jab at Travis Kelce over his COVID-19 vaccine commercial that’s been popping up on everyone’s TVs … referring to the Kansas City Chiefs superstar as “Mr. Pfizer.”

The New York Jets quarterback made the wisecrack during his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday … when he decided to have some fun while analyzing his team’s performance on Sunday Night Football against Patrick Mahomes and co.

“I think there’s some sentiment that there’s some sort of moral victory out there that we hung with the champs and that our defense played well,” Rodgers said. “Pat didn’t have a crazy game and Mr. Pfizer, we kind of shut him down a little bit. He didn’t have a crazy impact game.”

McAfee couldn’t help but burst out in laughter over AR8’s new name for Kelce … and his cohost (and Rodgers’ former Packers teammate) A.J. Hawk grinned and shook his head.

Rodgers continued the rest of his recap with a smile on his face … knowing his joke landed with the guys on the show.

While it all appeared to be in good fun, Rodgers was drowning in controversy over the COVID-19 vaccine — remember, he infamously said he was “immunized” when asked about whether he got the jab in August 2021.

Rodgers later claimed he was allergic to parts of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines … and was set to get the Johnson & Johnson shot before it was pulled for causing blood clots.

Rodgers has been sidelined with a torn Achilles since he went down in Week 1 … so we’re assuming he’s just as annoyed as the regular folk are about the commercial popping up every media time-out.

And if you thought we were going to go a whole post about Kelce without mentioning her … think again.

Taylor Swift.

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