Adam Sandler Triumphantly Returns To ‘Saturday Night Live’ — Watch The Highlights HERE!

Adam Sandler made his return to Saturday Night Live last night, opting for some nostalgic old moments and a few memorable new ones in what was a strong, funny episode for the weekly show!

Sandler got his career started decades ago as a young cast member on the show before he was fired — which he makes light of in his hilarious opening monologue (above!). Of course, he then went on to stardom in a series of comedies in the 1990s and 2000s that earned him worldwide fame.

But Saturday night was all about nostalgia!

Ch-ch-check out all the hilarious and memorable sketches from last night’s episode (below), including all of Adam’s great new work, a few original songs, musical guest Shawn Mendes, and a couple hilarious segments of Weekend Update, to boot!

So fun!!!


Loving Adam Sandler’s return to the show — all the skits were solid this week, with a couple that were REALLY good!!

Shawn Mendes was great in his too performances, too, showing off vocal range and high energy fun with If I Can’t Have You, and In My Blood!

Ch-ch-check out both performances (below)!!!


Well… it’s closing time for Sandler’s memorable SNL return here, y’all!

Just a couple more funny Sandler skits (below) like Last Call for you to watch before you go out to the places you will be from!!!!


And, of course, what would Sandler’s return to SNL be without a very touching final tribute song to Chris Farley?!

Ch-ch-check out what became maybe the show’s most memorable moment — and definitely its most heartfelt — as Adam pulls out his guitar again and delivers a sentimental, sweet memorial to one of his best friends and former cast mates long since gone from this world (below):

So touching! So real! So heartfelt! Good for them for deciding to go for a serious moment and include it in the show… it actually fits pretty well and turned out to be really well done!

What did U think about all of Saturday Night Live‘s skits, sketches, musical performances, and more here on Sandler Week, Perezcious readers?! Was it a fun throwback to the show’s earlier days?? Bring back any fun memories of the very funny comedian?!

Sound OFF with ALL your opinions on Adam Sandler and more from last night’s episode of SNL in the comment section (below)!!!

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