Ana de Armas Shares Her Go-To Products for Skincare!

Ana de Armas is giving fans a peek inside her skincare ritual!

The 32-year-old actress revealed on her Instagram Stories on Saturday (April 24) that she uses La Mer products to keep her skin looking amazing.

Ana also spoke to Refinery29 about the products she uses and how they’ve made a “huge impact” for her.

“I usually do a three-step routine: The Treatment Lotion, The Concentrate, and The Moisturizing Soft Cream,” Ana said. “The Concentrate, that serum is the best one I’ve ever had; it’s good for inflammation and it protects the skin barrier. Also, I’ve been using the La Mer SPF 50 and the other day I was sitting outside and I noticed that my skin was a little shimmery in the prettiest way — so that’s lovely, too.”

“I started being more aware about the importance of taking care of your skin,” she said about her move to Los Angeles at 26. “I had all of these choices that I had never had before; I had access to more things and a better understanding abut why it’s important to have healthy skin, not because I need to look pretty, but just for my general health. Also it’s L.A., the conversation about beauty is constant, so in a way, I don’t think you can escape it.”

Go to to get The Treatment Lotion, The Concentrate, and The Moisturizing Soft Cream.

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