Barbie, Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes Flying Off Shelves This Year

little mermaid barbie

If there’s a competition for the most popular Halloween costumes, Barbie and Ariel, the “Little Mermaid” are queens of the hill this year — and everything related to those characters is flying off shelves.

A rep for tells TMZ … those 2 themes have been knocking it out of the park for 2023, as expected with the popularity of their movies — especially “Barbie” — this year.

For Barbie, the company’s officially licensed costumes have been selling 9x as much as they did last year … and the site’s “Barbie-Inspired” looks have also boosted 40%.

As for Ariel, her styles are up nearly 70% in 2023, too — and the company is just hoping its inventory will be enough to get ’em through the spooky season!

'Little Mermaid' Halloween Costumes Making a Splash

Believe it or not, the movies aren’t the only hot topics in the world of Halloween costumes … we’re told there’s been a major spike in interest for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift looks — obviously because of their extremely popular concert tours.

Rockin' Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes has responded to the concert craze by making costume guides for each option — a combination of some of the site’s items that, when put together, make for a pretty great look-alike.

So if you wanna spend this Halloween with a life on tour, under the sea, or in plastic … ya better act fast!

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