Bella Thorne Gets $300,000 Crocodile Chain

Bella Thorne‘s bling has some serious bite … check out the new piece she’s got hanging around her neck, complete with two alligators and a hefty price tag.

Bella hails from Florida, and told jeweler Alex Moss she wanted something that would pay homage to her home and her roots. Moss went to work, designing the necklace … complete with 18k white gold, 33.1ct VVS diamond D-F color and 16.7ct natural Zambian cushion-cut emerald.

As for the price, the piece is 1 of 1 and we’re told it rings in right around $300,000.

Moss says the whole look is not only iconic, but practical, with the alligator tails even bending for some flexibility while Thorne rocks it.

One thing’s for sure … Bella certainly won’t have to worry about copying someone else’s look.

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