Big Brother Recap: Game Over for Derek X?

When Sunday’s new episode of Big Brother kicked off, Sarah Beth was in power.

As the first female HOH of the summer, all eyes were on her to assess whether she would play an individual game or allow Kyland to have a second week in the top spot.

Unfortunately for fans, Kyland got in her ear quickly, but it didn’t stop the other members of the Cookout from getting worried they could be targeted.

Sarah Beth was deemed the big target for this week, but now that she’s the one in power, it will be fun to see what truly happens.

Tiffany and Azah complained to one another that Sarah Beth winning was bad for their game because she would probably put both of them on the block.

Ahead of the nominations, Big D tried to play nice with Tiffany after their turbulent conversations in recent weeks.

But Derek did not want to apologize for his actions, creating a further rift between the allies. They vow to continue working with one another, but the moment one of them gets a sniff of power, the other will probably be put on the block.

Sarah Beth pondered her nominations, revealing that Alyssa, Xavier, and Derek X are the trio she would like to target because they don’t talk game with her.

Ahead of the nominations, she asked everyone aside from Kyland to play in the High Rollers competition to flush out the power.

Heck, she even used the High Rollers twist for her nominations speech, where she opted to put Derek F and Claire on the block.

These noms came out of nowhere, but it seemed she planned not to allow Derek X to play for safety, which leaves him as a possible backdoor option for later in the week.

The High Rollers room twist was The Chopping Block Roulette, which would give one player safety and spin a roulette for the replacement.

In the end, only Alyssa played in the Chopping Block Roulette, with everyone else either having not enough money or wanting to save their coins for the Coin of Destiny next week.

The good news is that the game only revealed who won, not who played, allowing Derek X to fly under the radar again.

Alyssa won by default and removed Derek F, but her worst fears came true when she spun the wheel and the only person she trusted in the house, Xavier, was put up on the block.

We still have a Veto to play, but Sarah Beth couldn’t resist chanting to the cameras that she was sending America’s boy, Derek X, home this week.

We’re sure Derek X will have the last laugh when she walks into the Jury House one week after him.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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