Billie Shepherd cruelly mum-shamed on luxury holiday with sister Sam Faiers

Billie Shepherd has been accused of "flaunting her wealth" after sharing a sweet video of her most recent holiday with sister Samantha Faiers.

The sisters had planned to meet up on holiday but had not told their children about this, opting instead to surprise them.

After meeting up, Billie shared a sweet video of her delighted children beaming as they spotted their cousins during the luxury getaway. She penned the caption: "Me and @samanthafaiers decided to surprise the kids on holiday.

"Their reactions were priceless!! Memories we will truly cherish forever. The way Paul and Arthur look at each other (they were in complete shock) I have watched this video over and over again. I love you all so much, our beautiful babies."

And while some fans labelled the moment "adorable" and "cute", others accused the sisters of "flaunting their wealth."

One commented: "Bragging about your wealth as always."

While another added: "I am not hating but it’s sickening when all you do is flaunt your life off on social media and get paid to promote brands that you don’t even use or would never entertain but because they pay you money to endorse their products and make out you use them, you just do it because they pay you money.

The cruel comments come after Billie opened up to OK! about how she deals with these social media trolls.

She told us: "It’s horrible getting nasty comments on social media but I feel like I’ve been in the industry so long that I’ve got a second layer of skin to it. I try to delete or block any negativity on my page towards me or my family.

"I know it’s not easy for everyone to do that, but that’s the way I try to switch off from it. Social media can be amazing but there also not so positive things that come from it.

"It’s hard not to go down a dark rabbit hole and bite back – I often think who actually does things like that [posting nasty comments]? You have to be a certain type of person."

And while Billie usually ignores these comments, she did recently hit out of trolls after she shared a video on Instagram of her son's newly decorated room, which appeared to have a rather minimalistic style.

Some social media users argued the room didn't have enough personality for a young boy, with some even labelling it a "showroom."

Defending herself against these trolls, Billie commented: "Guys I think some need to calm down [laughing emoji] some of you getting so upset and judgmental.

"Arthur’s room is not complete and this post is focused on the beautiful lighting we chose and we do have a playroom where he has all of his toys. This is his nice calm space to chill and sleep in [kiss emoji]"

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