Blake Shelton Just Accused Ariana Grande of "Sucking Up" to the Audience on 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande’s rivalry on The Voice is basically the Little Engine That Could of feuds, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The coaches once again went at it during Tuesday’s episode, when everyone was chatting backstage about how great Ari has been at interacting with The Voice’s live audience.

Per Entertainment Tonight, John Legend mused “The crowd is going bananas for you, every time,” while Kelly Clarkson said “One thing I love is how much you talk to the audience. I think you interact more than anybody.” Ari replied “They’re just sitting there, it’s irresistible to talk to them,” and then Blake went ahead and chimed in with “I call it sucking up.”

!!! Okay Blake !!!

Meanwhile on Monday’s episode, Blake spiraled when Ariana didn’t support singer Jeremy Rosado joining his team, interrupting her on-camera interview to say “You stabbed me in the back. I was right there on the edge of the cliff, and you pushed me off.” He also noted, “I can’t believe Ariana just did that. That’s a slap in the face. The friendship is over.”

On top of all that, Blake texted Ariana about the (likely false) rumors that The Voice producers want to replace him with someone younger because of Ari’s popularity, sending her an article headlined “Producers at ‘The Voice’ May Replace Blake Shelton After Ariana Grande Brings a ‘Fresh’ Energy.” He added “Thanks a lot Ari… Thanks a fuckin’ lot.”

Obvi this rivalry is ~all in good fun~ so chances are Blake and Ari are bff IRL. Maybe. Or not.

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