Brielle Biermann Starts Social Media Debate Over Her Lack of College Education

While the initial critic has seemingly respected the ‘Don’t Be Tardy…’ star’s decision not to pursue further education, others are involved in a nasty spat on Instagram over their responses to Brielle’s answer.

AceShowbiz -Being famous at 22 years old, Brielle Biermann knows what she wants to do with her life. So when someone tries to take her down by bringing up her lack of college education, she doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

The daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann recently took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her flaunting her beach body in a sexy red bikini. “Everyday above ground is a blessing,” she captioned the mirror selfie.

While many admired her bikini body, one person trolled her as writing, “How’s that college education coming along kid?” But Brielle doesn’t need a formal education to make a clever clap-back at the critic. “i graduated… majored in chickfila minored in vacations cmon,” she responded, prompting the critic to respect her decision and write back, “#lifegoals.”

But not all agreed with Brielle. Some others left snarky comments which read, “she’s lucky if she passed high school it’s the way she acts” and “Like daughter like mother she barely has a GED! Misspell Kat remember that episode Kim spell cat what’s a k rather than a c.”

When a fan of Brielle tried to defend the reality TV star and silence the haters, they’re involved in an online feud. “good, you’ll be working there soon. Mommy’s show will be cancelled and you will fall into the world of obscurity,” one hater wrote.

The fan wrote back, “shutup.” The hater refused to end it any sooner and responded again, “you’ll be working next to her filling orders.” The back and forth continued until the fan slammed the hater, “are you so unhappy you have to pick on young women? Get a life, you are not college educated. Her life not yours leave young women alone, she isn’t your child or problem.”

Brielle has appeared on her mother’s reality series “Don’t Be Tardy…“. Last year, she moved out of her parents’ house into her own condo.

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