Cardi B Grosses Out Kids At Nursery School By Revealing A Snake ‘Peed’ During The ‘WAP’ Video Shoot

Cardi B gave teaching nursery school a try in her new Facebook series. For her ‘science’ lesson, she read a children’s book about pooping, and told of how a snake peed on her while filming a music video.

It turns out Cardi B is a total natural with little kids. For her new Facebook series Cardi Tries, the “I Like It” rapper took on teaching 10 nursery school students for a few hours, and her science curriculum for the day was explaining how “everybody poops.” While reading from the book about how all creatures must go number two to release waste from their bodies, the 28-year-old shared fun tidbits about how a snake peed on her and Megan Thee Stallion while shooting her “WAP” music video, and how she can easily identify mouse and rat droppings because they were all over the New York City neighborhood where she grew up. The lesson begins at the 3:45 mark below:

In the hilarious yet sweet video, the 28-year-old rolled up to a nursery school in SoCal’s Lake Balboa neighborhood and took one look at the students and said they were the “the cutest things ever.” And even though the kids were about four-years-old, they apparently have parents who are either big Cardi fans or are not bothered by the little ones hearing raunchy lyrics. The class of youngsters told her they were her “biggest fans” who had heard “a lot of” her songs.

For her “science lesson” of the day, mother of one Cardi had the task of reading aloud the children’s book Everybody Poops by author Taro Gomi. She sweetly asked the kids if they ate candy, then told them, “The thing is no matter what you eat you’ve got to take out of your body. So that’s why its so important to poop.” Seriously, she is SO good with kids!

“An elephant makes a big poop. A mouse makes a tiny poop,” she read from the book while showing the kids the illustrations. Cardi then asked, “Has anybody seen mice poops?” None of the children had, so Cardi relayed that “I am from a place where there is a lot of mices and rats, and their poops are tiny and black. Mouse poops look like dead ants.” Good to know!

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are covered in snakes during a scene from their ‘WAP’ music video. Photo credit: Vevo. 

She then got to a page showing an illustration of a snake. “Which end is the snake’s behind?” she asked as the kids got the grossed out over the thought. Cardi assured them, “Yes guys, believe it or not snakes poop too. And they pee as well.” The rapper then gave them a first hand story, telling the children, “One time, a snake peed on me. I was doing a music video and the snake peed on me and my friend. It’s gross.” She didn’t name Meg or “WAP,” though if the kids really did know her music, they probably would have seen the music video scene. Though in no way was either the song or video meant for four-year-olds!

In the video, Cardi and Meg are seen in sexy skin baring outfits, lying on the ground next to each other while numerous types of medium to large snakes slither over and around their bodies. Cardi raps, “I want you to park that big Mack truck // Right in this little garage // Make it cream, make me scream // Out in public, make a scene // I don’t cook, I don’t clean // But let me tell you how I got this ring.” Let’s hope the nursery schoolers aren’t too familiar with the scene.

Cardi then ended the lesson by asking the kids, “Do any of you poop on yourself?” and one little girl freeky admitted she did so during nap time in the class one day. Cardi sweetly laughed and said “lawd!” while reassuring the kids, “Well you know the point of the book is that everyone poops. So if you ever wonder if your favorite celebrity poops and farts and pee? They do. Everybody gotta poop. Snakes, lizards, everything. Poop, poop, poop. The end!” as Cardi declared their science lesson for the day over. Nicely done Mrs. Almanzar-Cephus!

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