Carol Vorderman gets emotional as she discusses brother He suffered a lot of abuse

Carol Voderman gets emotional as she discusses her brother

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Carol Vorderman, 60, took to Instagram today to discuss with her followers the struggles her brother, Anton, has been through, due to cleft lip and palate. The Countdown legend told his story to her 154,000 followers.

Because that’s my brother, that’s the person he is.

Carol Vorderman

In the video, posted this morning, Carol was seen getting emotional as she candidly discussed the work of her sibling.

She said: “My brother was born in the 1950s with a severe cleft lip and palate and over the course of his life had 24 operations.

“My brother used to stay in and we were very poor, and he was always kind yet suffered a lot of abuse because of the way he looked.

“He grew and still is one of the kindest and most generous, most loving, funny, successful people I know.”

Carol then discusses why she was telling his story.

A few years back, Anton found out that babies born in Romania and Bulgaria with the condition, were taken from their mothers and put into orphanages.

Babies with cleft cannot suck or feed the same way as babies without it.

Carol continued: “So, he (Anton) set up a charity to train specialist nurses who would then train the mothers on how to feed these babies.

“In the first two years of this charity, they managed to get over 40 children out of orphanages and back with their mums, which makes me want to cry.

“Because that’s my brother, that’s the person he is.”

Carol began to tear up as she stated how he had stepped in to aid others.

The former Countdown co-host captioned the video: “My brother was born with cleft and is WONDERFUL.

“My brother has helped many babies with cleft who were placed in orphanages and get back with their mums.”

A few hours before she published the video, she posted an image of Jono Lancaster.

She captioned it: “I’ve just watched this wonderful man on a post from @ladbible about how he was abandoned by his parents because of how he looked and how his life is so happy now he’s in his thirties.

“His story has really struck home here because my brother was born with severe cleft back in the 1950s and I want to tell you about HIM in the next post xx #inspiration.”(sic)

In the clip, Jono discussed being disowned by his parents for the way he looked, and the struggles he has faced in life due to this.

Carol resonated with this video, and shortly after posted about her family.

The Welsh personality has spoken about her brother on numerous occasions.

In 2019, Carol and Anton went on Good Morning Britain to discuss what it’s like to live with a cleft lip and palate.

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