Casey Anthony's Mom Cindy Doesn't Speak To Her

Casey Anthony and her mother Cindy are still estranged.

Notorious party girl Casey, now 33, was acquitted of murdering her own daughter Caylee, 2, in 2011. America was stunned by the verdict.

Now, in an exclusive interview with, Cindy revealed she hasn’t heard from her daughter in ages, but remains unbothered as her new priority is being a caretaker to her brain-damaged husband.

“As much as I miss her and I love her I am dealing enough with my husband that I don’t need her drama,” she said. “I think about her all the time but my life is with George. It’s gone in a different route and he’s my priority right now.”

According to Cindy, she had to “physically do everything” for her husband for three and a half months before he learned to dress himself, walk, and generally function.

“He’s just not going to be the way he was before the accident,” she told the publication.

As readers know, George Anthony was driving his Cindy’s Toyota 4Runner on Interstate 4 in Orlando the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when he suddenly ran off the road and lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll several times.

George’s vehicle crossed three lanes of traffic and stopped on the median. “There was blood everywhere,” an eyewitness recalled at the time. “He hit his head pretty hard against the windshield and ended up with a large laceration.” He also reportedly suffered a seizure during the crash and was later air lifted to a local hospital in “serious condition,” Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Montes told Radar.

Radar also learned he used a brace, walker and needed a medical assistant when he arrived home.

“The brace has only recently come off but we have just discovered a new problem – he suffered brain damage that will leave him with permanent disabilities,” Cindy shared.

“I knew something wasn’t okay with his mind as soon as he came home, but people kept giving the excuse it was post-concussion syndrome.”

After six months of no progress, she urged the doctors to conduct more tests and they discovered his brain damage.

“They found that he had suffered a brain bleed after the accident, and that had led to parts of his brain dying,” said Casey.

“So he is never going to be the same again. He will have permanent problems with his left arm, his perception and his memory.”

As readers know, George’s lawyers attempted to use his condition to ask for a delay in the foreclosure trial regarding their home, but his appearance on Dr. Oz’s talk show worked against him. Attorneys argued he was strong enough for court because he was strong enough to appear on the celebrity talk show.

Months before the tragic car accident, Radar reported Cindy and George’s Orlando home would be foreclosed because Casey’s parents had not made their $765.82 monthly mortgage payment to U.S. Bank National Association since December 2010.

Cindy, however, told a mortgage company trying to evict them is now backing out.

“Bottom line is they don’t want to lose in court,” she said. “We never defaulted and they screwed up because they didn’t accept payments when they ought to. It’s a clerical error on their part.”

The home in foreclosure was made famous 10 years ago when their granddaughter Caylee, 2, disappeared.

The little girl’s skeletal remains were found but Casey was acquitted of murdering her in an epic six-week trial.

Casey had a trying relationship with her father for years after she claimed he sexually abused her and made harsh statements about her on live television.

“She doesn’t need to exist anymore as far as I’m concerned,” George said of Casey on The Dr. Oz Show after Caylee’s murder.

Following the incident, she got in touch with her father to check on his status and regularly checked in with her mother. Then on January 14, when George returned to the show, he publicly forgave his daughter for the accusations made against him during the murder trial and that said he wanted her to visit.

“It would take more than one visit. It would take more than an ‘I love you!,’” Casey told after the interview. “He has to admit to things before he can heal. Until then he is not going to do anything but suffer.”

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