Casey Batchelor details ‘worrying’ birth as her ‘nervous system went into shock’

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After a difficult birth with her first daughter Florence, model and Celebrity Big Brother star Casey Batchelor chose to have a C-section with her second daughter Sadie, and new arrival Daisy.

The tot arrived via elective C-section on 3 June at 11.30am, weighing 7lbs 14oz – but as she opened up to new magazine about her latest delivery, Casey admitted that the experience was worrying, as her nervous system went into shock.

"I had an elective C-section," Casey explained. "I had a natural birth with Florence and that was really traumatic and awful. They needed to use forceps and I had an epidural and it punctured my spine.

"Then I got awful migraines and brain fluid leakage for weeks," she continued. "I had a C-section with Sadie and Daisy as I didn’t want to go through that again. But the C-section this time around was much more complicated."

Casey, 39, added: "She [Daisy] didn’t want to come out. They have to put pressure on you to replicate what would happen when a baby is born naturally through the birthing canal, but Dane was standing next to the assistant who was putting pressure on me and he said she was putting her whole body weight on me and coming off the floor. Basically she was jumping on me! And Daisy still wasn’t coming out.

"That was a bit worrying, but thankfully she came out eventually.

"Then, when they were stitching me up, I felt like someone was stamping on my chest and my heart. I couldn’t breathe properly. "

"They had to give me more drugs – I think it was morphine – because my nervous system had gone into shock," she said. "My heart and chest felt like they were caving in. That was tough and really scary."

Stoic Casey coped with all the drama, knowing she'd soon have her precious baby, but it was a different story for anxious dad Dane, who nearly keeled over seeing the toll the procedure took on his partner.

"Dane is really squeamish," she explained. "The room was really cold as the heater wasn’t working so they said if it was OK with us they would take the baby straight into the corridor when she arrived where it was warmer and wrap her in towels, and Dane could go with her, and then he’d bring her in to me.

"When Dane came back with her I was open with basically all my insides hanging out and he was heaving and having to look away!"

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