Chris Brown Roasts Kiely Williams For Chloe Bailey Collab Criticism

Chris Brown is singling out Cheetah Girls/3LW singer Kiely Williams amongst the peanut gallery upset he’s collaborating with Chloe Bailey … but Breezy is busting her chops, almost literally!!!

Following Chloe’s ill-fated preview of “How Does It Feel,” Kiely went on a tirade over the collab like several fans — accusing Chris of exploiting female Black artists’ talent to mask his past domestic violence case with Rihanna.

Breezy’s currently overseas on tour, but took time to respond to Kiely’s disses and did so with a mix of pity and humor … to him anyway.

He deemed Kiely to be broken — either mentally, financially, or both — for the unprovoked attacks, and then took the low road by taking aim at her lisp. He joked how she sang “promithis, promithis” on her hit song “No More (Baby I’Ma Do Right),” and again through a meme captioned “thop it!!!”

While Breezy didn’t hesitate to fire away at Kiely, Chloe still has to deal with her angered fanbase ahead of the release of their song.

“How Does It Feel” is scheduled to drop February 24, which may bring further unwanted attention … to Chloe and Chris.

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