Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ recalls surprising police phone call regarding ‘stolen’ bike

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Chris Evans, 54, has become very into his fitness; taking up running and enrolling himself in marathons that have taken him all over the world. Some years ago, when he was still working at BBC Radio 2, he also splurged on a Gocycle bike but unfortunately it was stolen.

The bad news is, it’s in Kazakhstan!

Chris Evans

The lightweight foldable bicycle was launched in Europe on 2009 and Chris had to have one.

It typically retails at £2,400 for the basic model, ranging up to almsot £4,500.

And because they’re priced highly, each bike is fitted with a microchip so they can be tracked anywhere, which is how Chris came to find out some very surprising news when the police phoned with the location of the missing bike.

Recalling the theft, the radio DJ told listeners: “I got mine stolen outside of Radio 2 the first day I took it there!” he giggled, although the situation was far from funny at the time.

“Four months later, the police called and said, ‘We have located your Gocycle!'”

But what should have been great news turned out to be the opposite as the electronic tracking tag was reactivated… the other side of Europe.

Chris continued to recall what the police had told him: “‘But the bad news is, it’s in Kazakhstan!’

“So, that was the end of me and the Gocycle,” he hooted.

Reports at the time of the incident claimed the bike’s tag was deliberately turned off when it was stolen, so as to prevent tracking.

The month before the bike scandal, Chris had to deal with yet another almost-theft, after his personalised number plate was ripped off his Aston Martin car.

The former Top Gear presenter looked less than impressed as he was pictured making his way into Greggs to grab a bite to eat after finishing up his BBC morning show.

Luckily the vandals didn’t manage to get away with the plate which reads “Spy 500”, as his personal assistant was seen carrying it as the pair walked back to the sports vehicle.

He was then forced to drive away with his front number plate still missing.

More recently, Chris revealed he had turned down lunch with legendary two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame star Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster, after they invited him to eat at their luxurious home in Essex.

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Chris told his listeners that he had been psyching himself up for the informal chat, and had to repeat a mantra to himself before he arrived.

“Do not mess this Rod Stewart conversation up!” he revealed he had told himself on the day.

“We’re in his house, he’s given us a couple of hours. He actually asked us to stay for lunch, which was fantastic but I can’t!” he moaned.

The DJ revealed he had prior commitments that forced him to say ‘no’ to an incredible lunch with the Stewarts, as he chuckled: “I had to get back for the kids.

“Penny was the one who actually extended the invite for lunch,” he added, referring to the singer’s wife, TV personality Penny Lancaster.

“I said to Tash, ‘What do I do?’ and she said, ‘Well, what can you say?'”

But the loving dad put his family above pleasure and stuck to his original plans, saying: “Family is the most important thing and they know that, that’s [what] they live by.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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