Christopher Eccleston deletes post hitting out at Coronation

Christopher Eccleston, best known for a previous starring role in Doctor Who, has always made his anti-monarchy views perfectly clear, even describing the late Queen Elizabeth II as a “parasite”.

However, anyone who was still unsure received his opinion on the Coronation in no uncertain terms when he posted an image of pieces of paper spelling out the words “F*** off!”

He also sarcastically quipped: “Thank god I kept that bunting from the jubilee last year.”

The 59-year-old swiftly deleted the post, obtained by the Daily Mirror, but not before a string of fans flocked to it, claiming they’d been waiting for his characteristically caustic opinion on the royals to be delivered over the Coronation weekend.

“I knew you were my favourite actor for a reason,” one enamoured user wrote, while another chuckled that they “knew the Ecclestone post would be good”.

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Another had previously written of the ninth doctor’s stance: “I love that Christopher Eccleston hates the royal family because how are you going to argue with him? The man is Doctor Who!”

A fourth admiring fan wrote: “Reminder that Christopher Eccleston is a legend. You can bury your monarch but you can’t bury the crimes of monarchy.”

Christopher has made no secret in the past of his desire to have the monarchy abolished altogether, as he regards himself as a British Republican.

However, some royalists have been horrified by his attitude, branding him “totally disrespectful”.

On Instagram, in a previously published post which has also been deleted, he stirred up controversy when he referred to Queen Elizabeth II as a “parasite in chief in her idiot hat”.

Meanwhile, although the Coronation and subsequent Concert were both joyous events for many, they were marred by difficulties as well.

The Coronation event was disrupted by protestors bearing placards against King Charles with the words: “Not my King!”

There have been mixed views over the way the police handled the protests, after 64 were arrested.

Online footage showed one of the royal horses being spooked – apparently by objects being thrown at it – and veering backwards, where it ploughed into a barrier holding a large crowd of royalists behind it.

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