Claudia Winkleman: Strictly host told ‘lazy’ outfit is ‘not enough’ by BBC bosses

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Strictly Come Dancing is well underway, and while fans are beyond invested in the couples dancing their way to the final in a few weeks time, many are also focused on the hosts of the night and their dazzling outfits. Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly stun in their glittery gowns every weekend, but the former admitted the glamorous get-ups aren’t what she’d choose to wear – if it was down to her, that is.

My preference would be to get one black suit and wear it every week but that is not enough, I’ve been told

Claudia Winkleman

In a recent interview, the 48-year-old opened up about how her dream outfit was considered “lazy” and deemed “not enough” by BBC bosses.

“When we are getting ready to start filming, I always have the same problem. It’s this – from January until the end of August I wear exactly the same thing: black jeans, back sweater and boots and my body is wholly covered up,” she explained.

“Throughout these months my physical self is not really my concern, I don’t have a full-length mirror at home so I am never really engaged in my physique.

“Then all of a sudden it’s Strictly season and I need to be aware of the stuff that’s going on below my neck.”

She admitted she should be used to it by now but it still comes as a surprise every year.

“I need to think about floor-length gowns and thigh slits and Spanx (might need to wear two pairs) and all that jazz,” she giggled.

“My preference would be to get one black suit and wear it every week but that is not enough, I’ve been told.

“While constantly wearing black in real life is sensible and effective, on TV it looks lazy!”

Claudia noted that during the cold winter months viewers deserve sparkly, over-the-top outfits and funky colours with lots of dazzle.

But the extravagant dresses aren’t theirs to keep, as the BBC wardrobe department will reuse them for years to come.

“We don’t keep them of course – the BBC reuses everything again and again,” she told Saga Magazine.

“One long pink dress from 2012 has been on soaps, dramas and three other shows and this makes me happy.

“Basically I’m going to the best fancy dress party every Saturday night for 12 weeks in a row and then at the drinks after the final I am back in the same black jeans, the same old boots and won’t take them off for eight months – sorted!”

While Claudia dreams of an all black ensemble, she gushed over her co-star Tess and how she pulls off whatever she decides to wear.

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Speaking to Gethin Jones, the pair chatted about all things dancing, with some behind the scenes gossip sprinkled in.

“Do you ever get dress envy and do you ever plan outfits so you don’t clash,” Gethin read aloud viewer queries.

“We tend to meet up and show each other our outfits and say, ‘I’m not feeling that today’, ‘I’m going to wear this,'” Tess replied.

After recalling one time Claudia had to change her outfit last minute after experiencing bloating from a curry she’d had before, she decided to give credit where it’s due.

“Dress envy, Tess looks so amazing!” Claudia said before adding: “Pretend she’s not here because she doesn’t like compliments!”

“She’s such a beautiful creature inside and out and she come out and she’s wearing something just fabulous, hair like that, and she double my height, it’s all legs!”

Tess blushed bright red as she leant back in her chair giggling away at her pal, interjecting: “Be quiet! Be quiet!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 7:25pm on BBC One.

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