Colleen Ballinger Reveals That Baby No 2 Is Actually Twins!!

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin aren’t just expecting their second baby… they’re expecting twins!!

The YouTube star shared a new video on Thursday (May 20) revealing that two babies are on the way.

“I’M HAVING TWINS!!! AAAAH! So excited for TWO babies!!! (…also terrified my body is gonna explode),” she wrote on Instagram.

In her new video, Colleen revealed that while on a vacation earlier this month, she said that she “experienced some concerning complications. I rushed to the doctor for an ultrasound.”

While at the doctor, that’s when they found out she was having twins. “I’ve been crying all morning thinking I had no baby and I have two babies!” she says.

Colleen also revealed the special connection that she is feeling to her grandfather, who was a twin. Check out the video now!

Earlier this week, Colleen announced that she was pregnant with her second child and what led to wanting to try for another baby.

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