Corey Rathgeber Tells the Real Story of Secretly Marrying Evelin Villegas!

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas revealed a long-kept secret.

In the late spring of 2019, Corey and Evelin married in Ecuador.

They kept this an absolute secret — despite rumors — for well over a year.

Now, Corey is sharing the whole story of that secret wedding … and also sharing the pictures!

“Here is the full and complete story of when and how me and Evelin got married!” Corey wrote on Instagram.

He shared a series of never-before-seen photos of the secret ceremony.

“On June 11th 2019 me and Evelin got secretly married in Guayaquil, Ecuador,” he shared.

“We didn’t tell anyone,” Corey acknowledged.

He explained that they kept the news quiet “because Evelin wasn’t ready for her family or anyone to know she had gotten married at that time.”

Corey added: “I respected her wishes.”

“We decided to keep it a secret,” Corey continued.

“The production team was not made aware of this,” he revealed.

Corey explained that this was “because we had just finished filming our first season.”

“At the time,” Corey shared, “we were not in talks with filming again.”

He offered: “So we didnt feel obligated to inform them.”

Corey affirmed: “It was a very private and special moment for us!”

“When we arrived in Guayaquil,” Corey recalled, “we went to the place to get married.”

“However, we forgot one very important fact,” he admitted.

“We needed witnesses,” Corey shared.

“We tried, but they would not marry us without having at least 2 witnesses!” Corey lamented.

“So we went out to the streets in search of 2 random strangers to help us out,” he described.

“It took some time,” Corey admitted. “We offered $20 to a couple and they decided to help us out.”

“The process only took a few hours and that was it,” Corey detailed.

“We were married!” he affirmed.

“It was a very special and surreal moment,” Corey wrote, “shared only with the one I love!”

“I am happy and so [grateful],” Corey expressed.

“I will never forget that wonderful and crazy experience,” he emphasized.

“I eventually did tell a specific cast member about our secret marriage,” Corey confessed without naming the person (certainly Laura Jallali).

“Unfortunately, she preceded to tell everyone and attempted to make it as public as possible,” Corey lamented.

“She twisted our story into her own version,” he wrote, “and attempted to make us look like frauds.”

“She tried so desperately to make us appear like we were lieing to everyone,” Corey wrote.

“The reality was that she just wanted to hurt us,” Corey acknowledged.

He recognized that “It was very wrong and disappointing.”

Corey expressed: “I hope this clears up some of the rumors that are out there.”

“I feel like we have the right to privacy,” Corey expressed.

“Primarily during that time,” he wrote, “and for that moment.”

Corey stressed: “We are not hiding anything from you guys.”

“This season will update you on everything that is to come,” Corey vowed.

“Thank you to all that stand by and support me and Evelin,” he expressed. “It really does mean so much to us!”

Corey concluded: “Thank you to all that watch and enjoy our story! @evelin_villegas_ecuador I love you with all my heart.”

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