Coronation Street’s original Simon Barlow star is unrecognisable 20 years after soap role

Coronation Street duo Jake and Oscar Parry are still working in TV, two decades since their roles as the baby version of Simon Barlow.

The twin brothers portrayed Peter Barlow's newborn child from July 2003 to November that same year, although for a couple of episodes broadcast in the September, tiny Simon was played by Daniel Whelan.

Skip 20 years, though, and the Parrys now appear in one of the amusingly dramatic Dominos adverts where loved ones are torn apart by their desperation for pizza.

Jake and Oscar promoted their latest work on their respective Instagram accounts, with the caption reading: "DOMINOS Tearing Loved Ones Apart Since 1985. It was a privilege and honour to work alongside some of the crew from BARBIE, HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS and SPIDER-MAN.

"Special thanks to my agent @tvtwinsuk #hannahbirkett and @astoller for this great opportunity. Also a pleasure to meet such a great cast."

Meanwhile, the current incumbent of the Simon part is actor Alex Bain, who exclusively spoke to OK! about his engagement to fiancée Mollie Lockwood just over a year ago.

"Oh, wow! There's a living goddess in this room right now," he gushed ahead the couple's engagement shoot in a Manchester cocktail bar.

The baby-faced lovebirds – who got engaged in October 2021 – managed to keep their incredible news under wraps right up until the following Christmas Day, when they made the announcement to their families.

"We wanted to enjoy that special time together, just the two of us, for a while," commented performing arts student Mollie, 20, who claims she had no idea Alex, 21, was a soap star when they first began dating.

"My family absolutely love Mollie to pieces," said Alex, who has a young daughter named Lydia-Rose from a previous relationship. "My mum and dad could just see how happy I was when I was around her."

Further along, Mollie weighed in on her unawareness of Alex's big-time TV job.

"I had no idea! My family never watched [Corrie] so I had no clue who he was at all. He didn’t even tell me he was part of the main cast until around a week into us dating."

Chipping in, the Simon star himself added: "She thought I was an extra! It was a big thing for me that Mollie liked me for who I am, and not for the fame, so I was really glad she didn’t know. It made our relationship really genuine from the get-go. It’s been hard in the past to trust that people don’t have an agenda when they get to know me."

So, what's it like dating someone who's nationally recognised?

"At first, it was really strange," answered Mollie. "There were a few incidents of people following us around Manchester. We had to hide from people with cameras.

"But generally, people are polite. If they want a photo with Alex, they ask. There hasn’t been anything too crazy just yet."

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