Corrie’s Colson Smith unveils special on set meals to help maintain 10st weight loss

Coronation Street star Colson Smith, who plays police constable Craig Tinker in the long running soap, has revealed that the team behind the on set catering are ensuring he maintains his 10 stone weight loss.

Speaking to OK! at the Inside Soap Awards, which saw the show take home three gongs, the svelte star revealed: “Our chef Leon looks after me, so he makes sure that I have chicken and rice every single day."

"A lot of the other cast are a bit disgruntled!” he continued to tease before adding: “But there’s always food for everyone.”

The 24 year old, who hails from Dorchester, lost an astonishing 10 stone in weight after taking up running and adopting a healthy diet in 2020.

Although Coronation Street originally planned to write the character's weight loss into the show, they were forced to abandon that story arc when the pandemic hit.

However Colson still shared his journey in a short YouTube documentary called Bored of Being the Fat Kid.

In the moving video, at the beginning of his transformation, he recalls: “I’ve never liked the way I look. I’ve never been happy.

“I’ve never been content in it and that’s always been quite a challenge. To get me right while keeping everything else going well, always seemed impossible.”

He also heartbreakingly revealed that he was bullied because of his looks as he shared: “The reason that I got bullied was because I was fat and I was ginger so I kind of just went with it and embraced it.

"I decided that if people want me to be the fat ginger kid, I’ll be the fat ginger kid and kind of played that card for a while. I just tried to get on which probably made the whole situation worse. Because then my comfort in being bullied was food.”

He has now found a balance in his life and manages to fit his new healthy lifestyle into his Corrie schedule.

Colson said: “It’s more just life now and trying to keep it going and keep enjoying myself and fit it all in with the craziness of the world.

“At times you’re not in work so you have all the time to yourself to do whatever you want and it’s how you use your time but the thing I’ve got quite good at is managing my time and when I’m not at work I know what I want to do. You just have to be smart and be organised.”


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