Crown producers seek ‘Kate Middleton lookalike’ to play the duchess at university

Streaming giant Netflix have inadvertently revealed that the next series of The Crown will feature the meeting of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at St Andrew's University.

An advert has been placed on their website calling for an aspiring actress to play Kate Middleton during this pivotal stage of her life. The ad states that candidates will need to have a "strong physical resemblance" to the teenage princess and also includes three photographs of the duchess at that time including one of her from 2004 wearing riding boots with a tweed coat draped over her shoulder.

Casting director Robert Sterne requires wannabes to send in a selfie along with a short video of them talking about something that they "love". And this could very well be an aspiring actor's big break as it also states that no previous experience is required.

Much like it did for Emma Corrin, who was plucked from obscurity to play the young Princess Diana in The Crown, being cast in the role is sure to make a huge star of the chosen actress.

University was said to be extremely an happy period for Prince William as he was permitted to live "normally". But he may not be so happy about the Netflix producers delving into it. He has previously revealed that The Crown "exploited [his family] to make money."

Meanwhile, friends of Prince Charles' called the show "trolling on a Hollywood budget".

William and Kate, now 40, started dating during their time at St Andrews with the duke apparently setting his sights on Kate after seeing her dressed in a transparent dress and underwear during a charity fundraising fashion show.

Prior to that now infamous occasion, the pair are thought to have been friends who loved just a few doors down from one another at St Salvator's Hall of residence. They are said to have enjoyed clubbing together and playing tennis.

It seems almost certain that Netflix producers will want to recreate the scene that changed the future of the monarchy forever.

Apparently Netflix have already cast teenage actors to play Prince William, now 39, and his younger brother Harry, now 37 in the series.

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