Danica Patrick Fan Buys Her A Drink Right In Front Of Aaron Rodgers

Here’s either the friendliest fan in Milwaukee or the bravest … ’cause this guy bought Danica Patrick a drink Wednesday night — directly in front of her MVP boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers!!

The mesmerizing scene all went down in the third quarter of the Bucks’ playoff game against the Celtics — when wine was delivered to the court-side area where A-Rodge and Patrick were sitting.

A fan hands off what appears to be a cup of wine to the ex-NASCAR superstar … but when she tries to throw cash his way for the drink — he refuses!!!

The scene set social media on fire — mostly because it raised a BILLION questions …

1. Was this guy shooting his shot RIGHT in front of the NFL’s best QB?!

2. Exactly how much money was Patrick trying to throw the guy’s way for the drink?

3. Did Rodgers react appropriately?!?!

Whatever the case was for the situation … everybody ultimately seemed happy with it in the end.

Especially Rodgers — a minority owner for the Bucks — ’cause Milwaukee beat Boston and is now moving to the Eastern Conference Finals!!!

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