Didnt want to let her go! Emmerdales Rebecca Sarker bids sad farewell to Paige Sandhu

Emmerdale: Paige Sandhu issues goodbye message

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Emmerdale fans have been on the edge of their seats as the action has unfolded for serial killer Meena, with many hoping the master manipulator will get her comeuppance in court. However, while bridges might have been burnt between the sisters in the soap, off-screen it’s a very different matter, and Rebecca has posted a touching tribute to her co-star as she prepares to say goodbye to the village forever.

A big thank you [to] my on-screen sister [who is] also a sister in my heart

Paige Sandhu on Rebecca Sarker

“The way I’m clinging to her gorgeous head,” Rebecca captioned a photo of the two girls grinning together at the Emmerdale Studios.

“I really didn’t want to let her go @paige_sandhu,” she confessed, attaching a love heart emoji to her post.

“Thanks @kevin_mathurin_official for capturing the cuteness @emmerdale #manpreet #meena #sisters.”

Paige swiftly wrote back after viewing the photo montage, quipping: “Awww!!! We’re so cute!”

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Of course, Paige – who plays Meena – has been anything but cute on-screen.

In dramatic scenes, which aired on Monday, Meena was found guilty for the murders of Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger), Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), and Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon) – and despite her pleas for the court to pause and wait for her sister to arrive, sentencing swiftly went ahead.

The terrified former nurse broke down as she was found guilty and was sentenced for 25 years for each murder – a grand total of 75 years – and was told she would die in a cell.

The judge told her that the three she’d slaughtered “were blameless victims [who] simply had the misfortune to get in your way”.

“A beloved daughter, a beloved mother and a beloved son, needlessly killed by you.”

He added: “I have seen no genuine remorse from you, you are a manipulative person, who has told many lies, and shifted the blame to try and save your own skin.”

Meena was left sobbing hysterically and banging on the doors of her cell in the aftermath of the sentencing, while plaintively calling her sister’s name.

However, while she’d hoped for a reconciliation between them, Manpreet simply breathed a huge sigh of relief that Meena was behind bars and the ordeal was finally over.


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During an interview with Express.co.uk, Paige had stated that her character remained hopeful that, if it was over for her, she could “bring down” Manpreet too so they could be “sisters in prison together”.

However, her twisted plan failed, leaving her to face a triple sentence alone.

Paige addressed her departure in a video posted to Emmerdale’s social media channels.

“Meena has gone, finally! I’m sure some of you will be very happy, and some of you will be sad,” she reasoned.

“I’m sad because I have loved playing her. She’s literally been the dream role!”

Her tribute to Meena included an affectionate shout-out to Rebecca, showing the pair’s real-life bond is quite unlike the troubled one that they shared on screen.

“A big thank you [to] my on-screen sister [who is] also a sister in my heart,” she declared. “I love you so much.”

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