Disabled Gogglebox star Simon Minty harassed by teenagers in ‘horrible’ ordeal

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Simon Minty, who has dwarfism, shared he was on the receiving end of laughter and comments as he was followed by “some 12-year-olds”.

The Gogglebox star took to Twitter to relive the shocking encounter in view of his 8,248 followers, as fans rushed to support him.

Simon tweeted: “Today, some 12-year-old boys came up to me to point and laugh. I said, ‘Grow up’.

“I carried on shopping, which took some courage as they followed me.

“Nearly spoke with shop security, it was that horrible. Left for the safety of Waitrose, bumped into a special friend and rallied.”

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He added: “There was some peer pressure going on too. I was going to tell them, ‘One or more of you isn’t comfortable with what you’re doing right now, stand up for what you believe and you will have a better life than the others’.”

Fans subsequently flooded the comments section with supportive messages.

One said: “Gosh that sounds dreadful, I hope that you are safe now, I hate people most of the time especially when I read something like this. Sending love xx.” (sic)

A second added: “Sorry you had to deal with that! xx.”

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A third remarked: “Jeez can imagine how unsettling that was for you. Respect that you carried on shopping and then, bumping into a friend.

“Fortuitous. I feel the universe stepped in there. You needed some kindness & the special friend was there for you. Caring thoughts x.” (sic)

When the star isn’t filming for Gogglebox, he’s a disability consultant and trainer for his own company Sminty Ltd.

Back in December last year Simon was spotted looking unrecognisable after posing with stubble and new “Christmas hair”.

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He revealed that he had dyed his signature spiky locks bright blonde, and grown out a stubble beard to match.

Pouting for the camera, Simon donned his glasses and kept it casual in a grey jumper and grey jacket for the snap.

“Caught myself in the lift mirror,” Simon captioned the post.

“Not long finished at the gym, glasses slightly dark, Christmas hair and stubble as it’s been a non-work week.”

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