Doja Cat Accused of Bullying and Banning Tinychat Room Participant

In the meantime, the ‘Say So’ raptress has made a police report about a man who allegedly made death threat on her after she kicked him out a chat room for getting weird.

AceShowbizDoja Cat may be enjoying interacting with her fans virtually, but she’s apparently not the nicest one. The 27-year-old star has been accused of bullying and banning a participant from a Tinychat room in which she was allegedly given admin privileges.

Footage of Doja’s participation in a Tinychat room has made its way round the Internet since earlier this week. Not having the best time during their interaction with the raptress, an unverified participant claimed on social media, “Not only has Doja Cat been going into this chat room, this is her right here, the owner gave her admin and she bans, kicks and bullies the s**t out of me in the chat.”

Doja has not responded to the person’s accusation. She, in the meantime, has reported a man who allegedly made death threat on her after she kicked him out of a chat room. It’s not clear though if the man who made the complaint about Doja and the one she accused of making death threat are the same person or not.

According to sources from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Doja was in a private chat room earlier this week with some fans. When one guy started getting weird and made her feel uncomfortable, she gave him the boot.

The man, who lives outside California, apparently did not take kindly to getting kicked out of the chat room. He reportedly got back in to the chat and made death threats on Doja, threatening to kill her and claiming he would see her soon.

Doja reported the incident to police and cops took a report for a criminal threat. The case is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Back in 2020, Doja came under fire after allegedly joining racist chat rooms. It was said that the “Say So” hitmaker formed online friends with people in the chatrooms who are reportedly known to be alt-righters, racist and misogynistic men who treat women poorly. In some videos that found their way out online, Doja could be seen making bigoted remarks, prompting the backlash.

Doja later denied ever participating in a racist conversation on the platform that she has used ever since childhood. “I’ve used public chat rooms to socialize since I was a child. I should’ve been on some of these chat room sites, but I have personally never been involved in any racist conversations. I’m sorry to everyone that I offended,” she said at the time.

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