Duchess Fergie Is Invited to Christmas at Sandringham for the First Time Since Her Toe-Sucking Scandal

King Charles is switching up a buncha royal Christmas traditions, and apparently he’s ending Duchess Sarah Ferguson’s holiday ban while he’s at it. According to The Sun, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s mother will be invited to Christmas at Sandringham for the first time since her toe-sucking incident.

Fergie hasn’t spent Christmas with the royals since 1992, when she was banned by the Queen’s husband Prince Philip due to being photographed having her toe sucked by financial adviser John Bryan. But apparently Charles is willing to look past the incident three decades later, and a source says that Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate is being prepared for Fergie, her disgraced ex-husband Prince Andrew, and their children to stay in over Christmas.

“Andrew is banned from public life but you can’t ban him from family Christmas,” a source explained of the questionable decision to include Prince Andrew, adding that “Staff at Sandringham have been tasked with getting Wood Farm ready for the whole York family. When she split with Andrew, Sarah was never allowed at the family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while Philip and the Queen were alive. For 30 years she used to have Christmas dinner on her own. But things are being done differently now.”

Sounds like Fergie is being welcomed back to the family fold, but when it comes to Prince Andrew The Sun reports that royal sources fortunately “insist there is no way back to public life” (yes, correct choice). In fact, King Charles is said to be upset that the rest of his siblings gathered in public with Andrew last week. A source told the Daily Mail that “King Charles was said to be displeased that Edward and Anne had been publicly meeting up with Andrew and wanted it made clear that he had not been part of the shoot. Anne and Edward had been privately concerned about Andrew and wanted to check on him. But Charles’s view is that he should not be in the public eye. His Majesty was not thrilled at all.”

It’s unclear if Sarah Ferguson will join the royals for their annual Christmas walk (Andrew definitely won’t) but stay tuned.

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