Eric Pollard reveals devastating health news in Emmerdale

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) managed to survive his terrible brain injury in Emmerdale, but some shocking health news reveals he is by far not out of the woods.

Though he seemed to be doing much better, it quickly became clear his life would be put at risk again as he required more surgery on his injuries, and he revealed a further truth that could impact his life forever.

The episode saw Faith (Sally Dexter) beside herself with guilt over the realisation she’d been kissing Bear (Joshua Richards) at the exact moment Eric had been hit by a car, and she avoided the hospital because she couldn’t face Eric knowing what she’d done.

When she eventually gave in and made an appearance, her voice seemed to prompt Eric to wake up from his coma.

He was told he was doing well but would need plenty of rest, and at first everything seemed OK. But then the doctor revealed he’d need further surgery after badly damaging his hip in the accident.

But though the surgery is somewhat routine, could he survive his coma only to die in further surgery?

The police later arrived to question him on what happened and he strangely asked his family to leave so he could speak to them alone. He then made a huge confession – the accident was all his fault.

PC Swirling tried to argue, but Eric was adamant that he was to blame – as he revealed the devastating news that he’s losing his hearing which meant he didn’t even notice the car coming.

Will the truth be enough to see Jamie Tate let off? Will he tell Faith the truth, and will she tell him about Bear?

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