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DUTCH ace Max Verstappen performed the drive of the 2022 season after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix after starting tenth.

And there was double joy for Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both finishing on the podium.

Red Bull driver Verstappen has extended his Championship lead to 80 points with his nearest rival Charles Leclerc coming home in sixth.

It was a disappointing performance from the Ferrari man who had been leading the race.

His team-mate Carlos Sainz finished in fourth, with Red Bull's Sergio Perez in fifth.

  • Grand Prix: Sunday, July 31 – 2pm BST
  • TV/Live stream: Sky Sports F1


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  • Kieran Davies

    Tactics cost Ferrari dear yet again

    Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will feel as though they have been let down today by their teams.

    Some of the choices made were very questionable and obviously cost them as they finished fourth and sixth respectively.

    The post-race interview with Carlos really showed how unhappy he was with some of the decisions made in Hungary today.

  • Kieran Davies

    Verstappen with enviable lead in championship

    You have to question whether Max Verstappen has things already sewn up in terms of the F1 season.

    After today's win, the Dutch driver could afford three DNF's and still be top of the 2022 F1 standings.

    It would be a huge ask of anyone to catch him now.

  • Kieran Davies

    Dutch master takes control in Hungary

    When he lined up on 10th place on the starting grid, it seemed that even for Max Verstappen it could be too much of an ask to win this race today.

    If you told him he would also spin out on the track, even he would have questioned how high his finishing position would be.

    Red Bull obviously gives you wings.

    Credit: ANTONIN VINCENT / Every Second Media / DPPI
  • Kieran Davies

    I'm spinning around, move outta my way…..

    Controlling his car when it spun around 360 degrees, to continue and go onto to win the race, this was very well deserved.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix results:

    1. Max Verstappen
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. George Russell
    4. Carlos Sainz
    5. Sergio Perez
    6. Charles Leclerc

    Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix from 10th place on the starting grid, what a way to end the first half of the F1 season.

  • Kieran Davies

    Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix!!

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 70

    The rain is starting to come down right now as Verstappen tries to tip-toe around the track on the last lap.

    Hamilton has reduced the gap to under 8.5 seconds now.

    If there was more than half a lap left, this would be a worrying time for Verstappen but his hard work seems to have got him the win.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 69

    Bottas is forced to retire as his car comes to a stop just off the track.

    Virtual safety car is in place now.

    This adds another element to the race as it will extend the length of the race significantly and brings in the potential of seeing some rain.

    Red Bull will need to consider their tactics to ensure Verstappen's victory here.

    Credit: AP
  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 67

    As we predicted Hamilton's endeavours have taken some real toll on those tyres and Verstappen seems to have Hamilton covered.

    He is currently 10.6 seconds ahead of Hamilton in second.

    What a win this would be from tenth place on the grid.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 65

    Hamilton takes over Russell on turn one.

    Mercedes have second and third place as we stand.

    If we were to see any rain now, it would probably be Hamilton's only chance to challenge Verstappen on medium tyres.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 63

    Lewis Hamilton overtakes Carlos Sainz.

    Mercedes have the chance to allow Hamilton to swap places with George Russell but they will be worried about allowing Sainz to sneak in ahead of Russell also.

    It may be one step too far for Hamilton to challenge Verstappen as those tyres will have deteriorated considerably by then.

    No team orders for Russell just yet.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 61

    Lewis Hamilton continues to put in quick lap times with the soft tyres and lighter car with less fuel on board.

    He is flying around the track and catching up with the front three.

    Verstappen continues to hold onto first place ahead of George Russell in second place.

    We are into the last 10 laps of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 59

    We are waiting for the moment where Hamilton manages to take Carlos Sainz and Russell is asked to step aside for him.

    Hamilton is putting in some seriously fast laps since his pit.

    Verstappen needs to manage those tyres well to win this race.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 57

    Lewis Hamilton has put in the fastest lap of the day as he tries to catch Carlos Sainz in third place.

    He is immediately beaten to that accolade by Russell and then beats his British compatriot's time with his next lap.

    Great driving here by the ex-world champion.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 55

    There is potential that Max Verstappen could win this race from 10th place on the starting grid today.

    What a fantastic drive that would be from the championship leader.

    George Russell moves ahead of Leclerc into second place.

    The message from the pit has gone out to Leclerc to 'box, box!'

    Those hard tyres are costing him dearly.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 53

    Lewis Hamilton comes in for the inevitable pit stop and comes out on the soft compound tyre.

    Verstappen is in the lead now.

    Hamilton is now in fifth place behind Carlos Sainz.

    Credit: AFP
  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 51

    As it stands the top five is as follows:

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Max Verstappen
    3. Charles Leclerc
    4. George Russell
    5. Carlos Sainz

    Russell is really putting some pressure on Leclerc for the podium places on his medium compound tyre.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 49

    Sainz comes in for a pit stop as Lewis Hamilton takes the lead.

    Hamilton will have to pit again as he has gone medium/medium on the tyre front so far.

    He is currently 6.6 seconds ahead of Verstappen in second place.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 47

    Verstappen moves into third place behind Lewis Hamilton.

    Carlos Sainz leads the race but surely both he and Hamilton will have to pit again.

    Leclerc seems to be struggling in the hard compound tyre.

    He may find himself under pressure from George Russell now.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 45

    Max Verstappen sets the fastest lap of the day as he puts some pressure on Leclerc.

    The Dutch driver has done brilliantly to get back into this position after that spin.

    Whether there is any damage to them that may hinder him later in the race, only time will tell.

    Credit: AFP
  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 43

    It is all change at the top now.

    Sainz leads the race with Lewis Hamilton in second place.

    Leclerc is in third, Verstappen in fourth who had a mini spin on the corner.

    He did well to keep control and recover but it has allowed Leclerc time to warm up those tyres.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 41

    Big news as both Leclerc and Russell decide to pit.

    More interestingly, with the Alpines struggling on the hard tyres, Ferrari have decided to ignore this and get Leclerc onto the hard compound tyres.

    Meanwhile, George Russell sticks with the medium tyres.

    Leclerc is struggling on the hard tyres already and is unable to get passed Max Verstappen.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 39

    Lando Norris is the first driver to report that the course is getting very slippy.

    This could make for a very interesting race.

    Verstappen decides it is time to pit himself for the final time, which will put him behind Hamilton and Perez.

  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 37

    With Verstappen in fourth place, this could be a huge race to win for Leclerc when it comes to the driver's championship.

    A few cars are coming off the course now, making us wonder whether the few spots of rain are making sections of the course greasy.

    Race leader Leclerc is on the youngest tyres of the leading pack also.

    Credit: PA
  • Kieran Davies

    Hungarian Grand Prix: Lap 35

    5.8 seconds between leader Leclerc and fourth placed Verstappen.

    Russell is currently half a second behind Carlos Sainz and the British driver who hit pole position.

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