Fab 5 Freddy Says 'Evil' Central Park 5 Investigator Needs to Apologize

Fab 5 Freddy says Linda Fairstein was “evil” to the Central Park 5, and until she says sorry for her misdeeds … she deserves every bit of backlash she’s getting.

We got the hip-hop legend outside a West Hollywood cafe, and asked about Ava DuVernay‘s new Netflix series about the case, “When They See Us.” As a native New Yorker, Freddy said he remembers the case well — specifically how the boys were convicted in the media, even before the verdicts.

Freddy says Fairstein — as head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan D.A.’s Office — knowingly ruined the kids’ lives by interrogating them under duress to get false confessions. He says she needs to admit that publicly if she wants the public’s forgiveness.

Even though all 5 were exonerated in 2002, Fairstein has maintained she got the case right.

Freddy says that’s why he’s also backing the #CancelLindaFairstein. She went on to become a successful author, and the movement calls for boycotting publishers and distributors of her books … east until she shows contrition.

He’s also pissed about Donald Trump, who infamously took out newspaper ads at the time calling for NY State to reinstate the death penalty for the Central Park 5. Freddy says the now-President should be big enough to apologize now.

Fat chance … Trump said in 2016 he still believes the wrongfully convicted men are guilty, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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