Fire at Joe Francis’ Casa Aramara Suspected to Be Caused by Arson From Neighbor

After his ultra-luxury 5-star private estate went up in flames, the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ creator explains that he is looking at about three or four months to ‘open up again.’

AceShowbizJoe Francis has shared an update of the fire incident that severely damaged Casa Aramara, a private beachfront Mexican estate he owns. The “Girls Gone Wild: Girls on Girls, Vol. 2” director revealed that the authorities suspected the blaze was caused by arson from a neighbor.

“The house was being rented by a group of 20 people and the fire broke out around 10 P.M. Tuesday night,” the 48-year-old told Fox News. The entrepreneur explained further, “The first thing we did was get our guests to safety. That was obviously the priority and then to save the physical property.” He then revealed why the police are investigating, saying, “But what’s happened here is arson… that’s what authorities think.”

Explaining the extent of the damage, Joe said only the main house on the beach was really affected badly by the fire. “The other structures on the estate are fine. There’s no damage at all. Only the front facade [of the main house] and the roof were damaged in the fire,” he told the publication.

Joe added, “So we’re looking at about three to four months to open up again, according to the contractor.” During the conversation, he also shared that he already planned to shut down, rebuild and bring guests back as soon as possible. “We’re stronger and we’ll be better and we always have. So, you know, it’s a challenge. But here we go,” he noted.

His ultra-luxury 5-star private estate went up in flames on Tuesday, June 15. “A tragic inferno struck @CasaAramara last night. Fortunately no one was injured,” Joe wrote alongside an Instagram video of the resort’s main building in a blaze. “The most tragic part about the whole incident is it could’ve been avoided or minimalize dramatically.”

In the caption, Joe claimed that the homeowners association of Punta Mita “refused to let in the firefighters in [the] security gates for 3 hours.” He doubled down on the allegations, adding, “They were direct orders by a neighbor of Casa Aramara to let the house ‘burn as much as possible.’ “

Joe pointed out that the “damage is extensive” as a result, but “the other four buildings” on the 4,000-square-foot property were “completely untouched” by the fire. “The main structure should be fully repaired in the next 3 to 4 months,” he penned. He then ended his note, “Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!”

Casa Aramara has been frequented by several A-list stars over the years. Besides the Kar-Jenners, a number of other A-lister stars have stayed at the expansive home, including Russell Wilson and Ciara, Hailey Baldwin, P. Diddy, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria and Ashton Kutcher.

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