Funny celebrity photos for September 2021

Target is more than a department store for Simon Cowell.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s tickets aren’t just limited to blink-182 or Kanye West shows.

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Like the Pope, the Catholic church has been taking it on the chin for a few years.

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If only those Jan. 6 gate crashers were as peaceful as Jennifer Garner…

The only thing Jamie Foxx usually stretches is a movie studio’s budget.

Chrissy Teigen has a history of looking down on people… at least on social media.

She’s single, so Miley Cyrus’s life has obviously gone to pot.

Olivia Jade is studying this necklace harder than she studied anything at USC.

These guys hate to see Kendall Jenner leave, but love watching her walk away.

Unlike her dog, Aubrey Plaza didn’t feel this relieved when “Parks and Recreation” ended.

There’s no gym around, but Jonah Hill is still looking pumped.

This would have been Kanye West’s cabinet if he was elected president.

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