Gal Gadot Felt Like a God When She Gave Birth to Her Kids

The ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ actress talks about motherhood, saying in a new interview that ‘the best feeling in the world is to become a mother and give life.’

AceShowbizGal Gadot felt “like a God” when she had her children.

The 35-year-old actress – who has Alma, nine, and three-year-old Maya with husband Yaron Varsano – admitted nothing has ever felt as good as when she welcomed her children into the world.

Asked when she last felt like a Wonder Woman, the star told OK! Magazine, “When I had my two daughters. I know this sounds cheesy, but you feel like you are a God when you deliver your children.”

“It’s like, ‘I made this!’ The best feeling in the world is to become a mother and give life.”

The “Wonder Woman 1984” star went on to admit she was a lot more relaxed around her second pregnancy – during which she filmed Justice League – because she’d been through it before.

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“I was a lot more nervous with my first pregnancy but with Maya I was at ease,” she shared. “It’s different because you have that experience behind you when you have a second child.”

“When Maya was born, I felt like I needed to empower Alma because she was the one who would go through the big change in her life by having a baby sister.”

“Maya just needed affection and warmth. Alma was the one who needed attention. She’s an amazing big sister.”

Gal also explained the origins of her kids’ names, telling the publication, “Maya is named after Maya Angelou. In ancient Hebrew, Alma means universe and in Spanish it means soul.”

“I think both are lovely names. I’m so grateful to have two beautiful, healthy girls.”

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