‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Bella Ramsey Banned From Watching the ‘Gruesome’ Series

Despite playing fan favorite Lyanna Mormont on the hit HBO show, the 15-year-old confesses that there are times when her parents block her from viewing the violence of earlier episodes.

AceShowbiz -“Game of Thrones” star Bella Ramsey has been banned by her parents from watching the show because it’s “too gruesome”.

The actress, 15, who plays fan favourite Lyanna Mormont in the programme, sadly suffered a brutal death at the hands of a giant in episode three of the final season, which depicted the epic battle of Winterfell.

And while Bella’s family previously sheltered her from the violence of earlier episodes, they did let her watch her character’s heroic death which marked her exit from the show.

“I’ll probably watch it all when I’m 18,” she told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “Even the episodes I have seen, there have been some parts where Mum and Dad just stand in front of me to block me seeing anything too gruesome on screen.”

“I was allowed to see myself being killed… and I’ve watched a bit of season seven,” Bella confessed.

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