Game of Thrones bros wonder aloud if Arya Stark is a Mary Sue, omfg

Spoilers for Game of Thrones.

I don’t have the nervous energy and anxiety for the final episodes of Game of Thrones, not like I had for the Long Night. I was a nervous wreck this time last week. But now… I mean, I’m absolutely sure that some big-name characters are going to die, but they’re not going to die by ice zombie, so whatever. War is hell, political problems, ninja assassins, whatever dude.

Anyway, I’ve been avoiding talking about the “conversations” around Arya Stark all week because I just don’t want to give sucky misogynist babies any time. There’s one conversation that goes like this: the writers tasking Arya Stark with killing the Night King is unbelievable (as in, not believable) therefore Arya is a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is a female character with no faults, a woman who does everything perfectly. The only thing I can say to that – besides screaming into the abyss – is that Arya didn’t do everything perfectly or flawlessly in The Long Night. She thought she was prepared, but when the ice zombies came, she killed a lot of them but then she got scared. Go back and watch when the Hound and Beric found her – she was screaming her guts out and she was scared out of her mind. She wasn’t No One, she was little Arya Stark who couldn’t fight against a swarm of zombies. She was only able to get it together after Melisandre gave her a pep talk.

This “Arya is a Mary Sue” thing goes hand in hand with this theory: that Jon Snow wasn’t stupidly screaming at Ice Viserion for no f–king reason, he was actually screaming “GO!” at Arya, because he, like, knew Arya was there in the Godswood? Therefore the sucky misogynist babies found a way to give Jon credit for killing the Night King – if Jon hadn’t yelled “GO!” to Arya, she never would have killed the NK? Or something, I don’t speak lady-hater.

Meanwhile, there’s a contingent of GoT fans who now believe Arya’s fate has been sealed – she was tasked with saving the Seven Kingdoms by knifing the Night King, therefore she’ll probably die in the next episode. I’m serious – that’s the justification, that if someone does something awesome in one episode, they’re totally going to die soon. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that Drake put a CURSE on Arya by giving her a shoutout at the Billboard Awards. DAMN YOU DRAKE.

My take: Arya isn’t going to die in Episode 4. But maybe in Episode 5? IDK.

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