George and Amal Clooneys love quaint village life

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And locals say they have gone out of their way to fit in and help out. Speaking recently on BBC’s The One Show, as he publicised his new film Ticket To Paradise, the star said: “Next door is The Mill theatre. I get to watch a play every two months.”

“Literally we open the door [from our home] and you walk across an alley and you’re at the theatre.”

“There’s also this wonderful little restaurant called the French Horn down the street, which we walk to. We have a nice little world right there.”

It’s very private, very quaint and the people are lovely. I love it.”

Clooney’s words come 18 months after the Sunday Express revealed he and his barrister wife had been commended for helping fundraising efforts forThe Mill after the venue suffered during the pandemic.

Sally Hughes, The Mill’s managing and artistic director, said: “George and Amal love the theatre and come when they are here.”

“He knows it helps the village, The Mill andThe French Horn when he speaks. It’s his private world and he loves it.”

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